Point to Point Transport (Taxis and Hire Vehicles) Regulation 2017
Current version for 13 December 2019 to date (accessed 28 May 2020 at 03:06)
Part 2 Division 3 Clause 14
14   Fare calculation devices—taxis
(1)  A taxi that plies or stands for hire on a road or road related area must be fitted with a fare calculation device that complies with this clause.
(2)  All fares and other figures displayed on the fare calculation device must be clearly visible at all times to all persons in the taxi, whether on the device itself or by means of an auxiliary device.
(3)  The fare calculation device must be resistant to tampering and vandalism and must be in working order.
(4)  The fare calculation device must be—
(a)  securely fixed to the taxi, or
(b)  secured in a mounting that is commercially designed and manufactured for that purpose and is fixed to the taxi in the manner intended by the manufacturer.
(5)  The fare calculation device must not be located in any position, or installed in any way, in which it is likely to cause injury to the driver or any passenger during normal operation of the taxi or in the event of severe acceleration or deceleration.
(6)  The fare calculation device must—
(a)  display the fare, including any additional fees, charges or tolls, in numerals, in Australian dollars, and
(b)  be capable of accurately calculating the fare at all times when the taxi is being used as a taxi, and
(c)  be calibrated so that it determines the fare in accordance with the authorised fares.
(7)  This safety standard is specified for the following—
(a)  the provider of a taxi service (other than an affiliated service), if the taxi is used to provide the taxi service,
(b)  the facilitator of an affiliated service and the affiliated provider, if the taxi is used to provide the affiliated service,
(c)  the holder of the taxi licence for the taxi.
(8)  A person is not required to comply with the safety standard specified by this clause for a fare calculation device until 12 months after the commencement of this clause if the fare calculation device complies with the requirements applicable to the device under the Passenger Transport Regulation 2007 immediately before the commencement of this clause.