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Work Health and Safety Regulation 2017
Current version for 15 November 2019 to date (accessed 20 February 2020 at 09:55)
146   Meaning of “electrical work”
(1)  In this Part, electrical work means—
(a)  connecting electricity supply wiring to electrical equipment or disconnecting electricity supply wiring from electrical equipment, or
(b)  installing, removing, adding, testing, replacing, repairing, altering or maintaining electrical equipment or an electrical installation.
(2)  In this Part, electrical work does not include the following—
(a)  work that involves connecting electrical equipment to an electricity supply by means of a flexible cord plug and socket outlet,
(b)  work on a non-electrical component of electrical equipment, if the person carrying out the work is not exposed to an electrical risk,
 Painting electrical equipment covers and repairing hydraulic components of an electrical motor.
(c)  replacing electrical equipment or a component of electrical equipment if that task can be safely performed by a person who does not have expertise in carrying out electrical work,
 Replacing a fuse or a light bulb.
(d)  assembling, making, modifying or repairing electrical equipment as part of a manufacturing process,
(e)  building or repairing ducts, conduits or troughs, where electrical wiring is or will be installed if—
(i)  the ducts, conduits or troughs are not intended to be earthed, and
(ii)  the wiring is not energised, and
(iii)  the work is supervised by an authorised electrician,
(f)  locating or mounting electrical equipment, or fixing electrical equipment in place, if this task is not performed in relation to the connection of electrical equipment to an electricity supply,
(g)  assisting an authorised electrician to carry out electrical work if—
(i)  the assistant is directly supervised by the authorised electrician, and
(ii)  the assistance does not involve physical contact with any energised electrical equipment,
(h)  carrying out electrical work, other than work on energised electrical equipment, in order to meet eligibility requirements in relation to becoming an authorised electrician.
(3)  In this clause, authorised electrician means a person who is authorised under the Home Building Act 1989 to do electrical wiring work.