Road Rules 2014
Current version for 29 November 2019 to date (accessed 7 June 2020 at 17:08)
Part 19 Rule 309
309   Exemption for drivers of trams etc
(1)  The following provisions do not apply to the driver of a tram, the driver of a tram recovery vehicle engaged in accessing or recovering a disabled tram, or the driver of a public bus travelling along tram tracks—
  Part 4 (Making turns), Division 1 (Left turns at intersections)
  rule 88 (Left turn signs)
  rule 89 (Right turn signs)
  rule 90 (No turns signs)
  rule 91 (No left turn and no right turn signs)
  rule 92 (Traffic lane arrows)
  rule 99 (Keep left and keep right signs)
  rule 100 (No entry signs)
  Part 9 (Roundabouts)
  Part 11 (Keeping left, overtaking and other driving rules), Divisions 2 (Keeping to the left), 3 (Overtaking), and 7 (Passing trams and safety zones)
  Part 12 (Restrictions on stopping and parking).
 Public bus, tram, tram recovery vehicle and travelling along tram tracks are defined in the Dictionary.
(1–1)  Without limiting subrule (1), any provision of these Rules with which a driver of a tram could not reasonably comply (having regard to the fixed tram tracks on which a tram travels, the route taken by those tracks and other exigencies of that method of travel) is taken not to apply to the driver.
 This subrule is an additional NSW subrule. There is no corresponding subrule in rule 309 of the Australian Road Rules.