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Road Rules 2014
Current version for 29 November 2019 to date (accessed 18 January 2020 at 18:09)
Part 14 Division 1 Rule 230
230   Crossing a road—general
(1)  A pedestrian crossing a road—
(a)  must cross by the shortest safe route, and
(b)  must not stay on the road longer than necessary to cross the road safely.
Maximum penalty—20 penalty units.
(2)  However, if the pedestrian is crossing the road at an intersection with traffic lights and a pedestrians may cross diagonally sign, the pedestrian may cross the road diagonally at the intersection.
 Intersection and traffic lights are defined in the Dictionary.
(3)  In this rule—
road does not include a road related area, but includes any shoulder of the road.
 Road related area is defined in rule 13, and shoulder is defined in rule 12.
Pedestrians may cross diagonally sign