Government Sector Employment (General) Rules 2014
Current version for 30 March 2020 to date (accessed 4 August 2020 at 18:23)
Part 9 Rule 52
52   Appointment of Secretaries of Departments
(1)  Before a person is appointed as the Secretary of a Department a report relating to the proposed appointment is required to be provided to the Minister—
(a)  in the case of the appointment of the DPC Secretary—by the Commissioner, or
(b)  in the case of the appointment of any other Secretary—by the DPC Secretary.
(2)  A report by the DPC Secretary is to be prepared after consultation with the Commissioner and the senior Minister to whom the relevant Department is responsible.
(3)  However, a report is not required—
(a)  if the person is being re-appointed as the Secretary of a Department, or
(b)  if the person was the Secretary of another Department at the time of the appointment or within 3 months before the appointment, or
(c)  if the Commissioner or DPC Secretary (as the case requires) does not provide a report within 21 days after being notified of the proposed appointment, or
(d)  if the appointment is effected by an administrative arrangements order under Part 7 of the Constitution Act 1902.
(4)  Part 3 does not apply to the Secretaries of Departments.
(5)  In this rule—
DPC Secretary means the Secretary of the Department of Premier and Cabinet.