Environmental Planning and Assessment Regulation 2000
Historical version for 10 December 2008 to 26 February 2009 (accessed 7 August 2020 at 20:04) Current version
Part 6 Division 1 Clause 55A
55A   Amendments with respect to BASIX commitments
(1)  This clause applies to a development application that has been accompanied by a BASIX certificate pursuant to clause 2A of Schedule 1 or to a development application in relation to BASIX optional development that has been accompanied by a BASIX certificate or BASIX certificates (despite there being no obligation under clause 2A of Schedule 1 for it to be so accompanied).
(2)  Without limiting clause 55, a development application may be amended or varied by the lodging of:
(a)  a new BASIX certificate to replace a BASIX certificate that accompanied the application, or to replace any subsequent BASIX certificate lodged under this clause, and
(b)  if any new accompanying document is required or any existing accompanying document requires amendment, a new or amended accompanying document.
(3)  If an amendment or variation of a development application, or of any accompanying document, results in the proposed development differing in any material respect from the description contained in a current BASIX certificate for the development, the application to amend or vary the development application must have annexed to it a replacement BASIX certificate whose description takes account of the amendment or variation.
(4)  In this clause, a reference to the accompanying document is a reference to any document required to accompany a development application pursuant to clause 2 of Schedule 1.