Environmental Planning and Assessment Regulation 2000
Historical version for 1 January 2008 to 31 January 2008 (accessed 5 August 2020 at 01:10) Current version
Part 8 Division 3 Clause 154C
154C   BASIX completion receipt
(1A)  This clause applies:
(a)  from 1 October 2006 until 30 June 2007 (inclusive) to:
(i)  the erection of a BASIX affected building that is BASIX affected development, or
(ii)  a change of building use by which a building becomes a BASIX affected building, and
(b)  on and from 1 July 2007, to BASIX affected development in respect of which a relevant BASIX certificate or relevant BASIX certificates requires a certifying authority to monitor fulfilment of any of the commitments listed in the certificate.
(1)  Within 2 days after issuing a final occupation certificate for a building the subject of development to which this clause applies, or for part of such a building, the certifying authority must apply to the Director-General for a BASIX completion receipt with respect to that building or part.
(2)  An application for a BASIX completion receipt must be made in the manner notified in writing to certifying authorities by the Director-General and must contain the following information:
(a)  the number of each relevant BASIX certificate for the building or part of a building,
(b)  the postcode of the address of the building,
(c)  the date of issue of the final occupation certificate,
(d)  such other information (if any) as the Director-General may determine and is notified in writing to certifying authorities.
(3)  The Director-General may issue a BASIX completion receipt:
(a)  by means of a computerised system, as approved from time to time by the Director-General, being a system to which certifying authorities are given on-line access, whether over the internet or otherwise, or
(b)  by such other means as the Director-General may approve from time to time.
(4)  A BASIX completion receipt is to confirm that the information required to be provided by a certifying authority under this clause has been provided.
(5)  A BASIX completion receipt is to be in such form, and contain such other information, as the Director-General may approve from time to time.