Environmental Planning and Assessment Regulation 2000
Historical version for 21 February 2003 to 24 June 2003 (accessed 4 August 2020 at 19:14) Current version
Part 7 Division 2 Clause 134
134   Form of complying development certificate
(1)  A complying development certificate must contain the following information:
(a)  the identity of the certifying authority by which it is granted,
(b)  if the certifying authority is an accredited certifier:
(i)  his or her accreditation number, and
(ii)  the name of the accreditation body by which he or she is accredited,
(c)  the date of the certificate,
(d)  the date on which the certificate lapses,
(e)  a statement to the effect that the development is complying development and (if carried out as specified in the certificate) will comply with all development standards applicable to the development and with such other requirements prescribed by this regulation concerning the issue of the certificate,
(f)  if the development involves the erection of a building, the class of the building under the Building Code of Australia,
(g)  any conditions imposed on the development under this Regulation.
(2)  A complying development certificate for the erection of a building must be accompanied by a fire safety schedule for the building.
(3)  Subclause (2) does not apply to:
(a)  a class 1a or class 10 building within the meaning of clause 167, or
(b)  a complying development certificate that relates only to fire link conversion.
 The documents that must be issued with and accompany a complying development certificate that relates only to fire link conversion are set out in clause 168A.