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Contents (2016 - 63)
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Biodiversity Conservation Act 2016 No 63
Current version for 1 July 2019 to date (accessed 12 November 2019 at 09:06)
Part 1 Section 1.5
1.5   Biodiversity and biodiversity values for purposes of Act
(1)  For the purposes of this Act, biodiversity is the variety of living animal and plant life from all sources, and includes diversity within and between species and diversity of ecosystems.
(2)  For the purposes of this Act, biodiversity values are the following biodiversity values:
(a)  vegetation integrity—being the degree to which the composition, structure and function of vegetation at a particular site and the surrounding landscape has been altered from a near natural state,
(b)  habitat suitability—being the degree to which the habitat needs of threatened species are present at a particular site,
(c)  biodiversity values, or biodiversity-related values, prescribed by the regulations.