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Contents (2013 - 51)
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Local Land Services Act 2013 No 51
Current version for 2 August 2019 to date (accessed 26 January 2020 at 20:01)
Part 5B Division 1 Section 60ZS
60ZS   Area of State to which this Part applies
(1)  This Part applies to any area of the State, other than the following—
(a)  a State forest or other Crown-timber land within the meaning of the Forestry Act 2012,
(b)  a plantation within the meaning of the Plantations and Reafforestation Act 1999,
(c)  national park estate and other conservation areas referred to in section 60A (b),
(d)  land that is declared as a marine park or an aquatic reserve under the Marine Estate Management Act 2014,
(e)  land that is subject to a private land conservation agreement under the Biodiversity Conservation Act 2016,
(f)  land that is subject to be set aside under a requirement made in accordance with a land management (native vegetation) code under Part 5A,
(g)  land that is or was subject to a requirement to take remedial action to restore or protect the biodiversity values of the land under Part 5A or under the Biodiversity Conservation Act 2016, the Native Vegetation Act 2003 or the National Parks and Wildlife Act 1974,
(h)  land that is subject to an approved conservation measure that was the basis for other land being biodiversity certified under Part 8 of the Biodiversity Conservation Act 2016 or under any Act repealed by that Act,
(i)  land that is an offset under a property vegetation plan made under the Native Vegetation Act 2003 that remains in force or is a set aside area under a Ministerial order under Division 3 of Part 6 of the Native Vegetation Regulation 2013 that remains in force,
(j)  any area in which forestry operations cannot be carried out because of the requirements of any other Act or statutory instrument or any agreement or court order.
(2)  The regulations may amend this section for the purposes of adding or removing areas of the State to which this Part applies (or of revising references to areas of the State).