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Contents (2013 - 51)
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Local Land Services Act 2013 No 51
Current version for 2 August 2019 to date (accessed 18 January 2020 at 04:01)
Part 12 Division 3
Division 3 Miscellaneous
194   General description of land sufficient for purposes of legal proceedings
For the purposes of any proceedings, or an order, notice or permit given, under this Act or the regulations—
(a)  a holding or land need not be described by metes and bounds, and
(b)  it is sufficient if the holding or land is referred to by its name, location or boundaries or in any other way that adequately identifies it.
195   Legal proceedings against an occupier or owner whose name is unknown
If the name of the occupier or owner of a holding or land is unknown to a person who wishes to serve a notice or other document or bring proceedings against that occupier or owner under this Act, the notice or document may be served on, or the proceedings may be brought against, the occupier or owner of the holding or land without specifying the name of that occupier or owner.
196   Jurisdiction of court or NCAT not to be ousted in certain proceedings
(1)  The jurisdiction of a court or the Civil and Administrative Tribunal is not affected merely because, in proceedings before the court or board under or for the purposes of this Act or the regulations, a question arises concerning—
(a)  title to land, or
(b)  any matter in which rights in future may be bound, or
(c)  any general right or duty.
(2)  A decision of a court or the Civil and Administrative Tribunal relating to such a question is not evidence in any other court or in any other legal proceeding.
197   Proof of certain matters not required
In any proceedings under this Act, proof is not required (unless evidence is given to the contrary) of any of the following—
(a)  the constitution of the Board or a local board,
(b)  any resolution of the Board or a local board,
(c)  the election or appointment of, or holding of office by, a member of the Board or a local board,
(d)  the presence of a quorum at a meeting of the Board or a local board,
(e)  the constitution of a particular region,
(f)  the boundaries of a region or of a part of a region,
(g)  the fact that specified land or a specified place is or is not within a particular region or a particular part of a region,
(h)  the appointment of any district veterinarian or any other member of staff of Local Land Services,
(i)  the fact that the defendant is, or at any relevant time was, the occupier, owner, manager or caretaker of a holding or land to which the proceedings relate if the defendant is so described in the process by which the proceedings were initiated,
(j)  the fact that a holding or land to which the proceedings relate is within the jurisdiction of a particular court or the Civil and Administrative Tribunal,
(k)  the notification, dedication, reservation or declaration of a travelling stock reserve or stock watering place.