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Contents (2012 - 74)
Boarding Houses Act 2012 No 74
Current version for 7 July 2017 to date (accessed 26 June 2018 at 03:30)
Part 5 Section 101
101   Giving or service of documents
(cf YCS Act, s 34)
(1)  A document that is authorised or required by this Act or the regulations to be given to or served on any person may be given or served:
(a)  in the case of a natural person:
(i)  by delivering it to the person personally, or
(ii)  by sending it by post to the address specified by the person for the giving or service of documents or, if no such address is specified, the residential or business address of the person last known to the person giving or serving the document, or
(iii)  by sending it by facsimile transmission to the facsimile number of the person, or
(b)  in the case of a body corporate:
(i)  by leaving it with a person apparently of or above the age of 16 years at, or by sending it by post to, the head office, a registered office or a principal office of the body corporate or to an address specified by the body corporate for the giving or service of documents, or
(ii)  by sending it by facsimile transmission to the facsimile number of the body corporate.
(2)  Nothing in this section affects the operation of any provision of a law (including the regulations) or of the rules of a court authorising a document to be served on or given to a person in any other manner.