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Contents (2000 - 75)
Adoption Act 2000 No 75
Current version for 27 June 2017 to date (accessed 22 April 2018 at 03:13)
Chapter 8 Part 3 Section 152
152   Arrangements to waive advance notice period
(cf AI Act s 15I)
(1)  The Secretary may, at the request of a person seeking supply of personal information that is affected by an advance notice registration, ask the person who lodged the advance notice request whether he or she wishes to waive or cancel the registration.
(2)  The Secretary is not to do so unless the Secretary:
(a)  is of the opinion that the personal information is required urgently and that circumstances exist that justify asking the person to waive or cancel the registration in order to promote the welfare and best interests of either or both of the parties concerned, and
(b)  has consulted any person or body that the Secretary believes may be of assistance in assessing the merits of the request.
(3)  The Secretary may arrange for either or both of the parties concerned in a request under this section to be provided with such counselling as the Secretary believes is necessary to assist them and the Secretary in the matter.
(4)  The Secretary must deal with a request under this section in accordance with any guidelines prescribed by the regulations.