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Contents (2000 - 75)
Adoption Act 2000 No 75
Current version for 15 June 2018 to date (accessed 22 July 2018 at 20:59)
Chapter 4 Part 11 Section 101
101   Names of adopted children
(cf AC Act s 38)
(1)  On the making of an adoption order:
(a)  an adopted child who is 18 or more years old is (unless he or she decides otherwise) to have the same surname and given name or names as he or she used immediately before the order is made, and
(b)  an adopted child who is less than 18 years of age is to have as his or her surname and given name or names such name or names as the Court, in the adoption order, approves on the application of the adoptive parent or parents.
(2)  Before changing the surname or given name or names of a child, the Court must consider any wishes expressed by the child and any factors (such as the child’s maturity or level of understanding) that the Court thinks are relevant to the weight it should give to the child’s wishes.
(3)  If, before the making of the adoption order, the adopted child has been generally known by a particular surname, the Court may, in the adoption order, order that the child is to have that name as his or her surname.
(4)  An approval of a change in the given name or names of a child who is over the age of 12 years must not be given by the Court unless the child has, in a consent given under section 55, consented to the change.
(5)  The Court must not approve a change in the given name or names of a child who is more than one year old, or a non-citizen child, unless the Court is satisfied that the name change is in the best interests of the child.
 Section 8 sets out the principles that are to be applied by persons making decisions about the adoption of a child, and includes the principle that a child’s given name or names, identity, language and cultural and religious ties should, as far as possible, be identified and preserved.
(6)  Nothing in this section prevents the changing of any name of an adopted child, after the making of the adoption order, under the law of New South Wales.