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Contents (2000 - 42)
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Child Protection (Offenders Registration) Act 2000 No 42
Current version for 22 November 2019 to date (accessed 27 January 2020 at 17:17)
Part 3 Division 3 Section 11F
11F   Intended change of place where registrable person generally resides
(1)  This section applies if a registrable person intends to change the place where the registrable person generally resides.
 This section imposes an additional reporting requirement with respect to residence to that imposed under section 11 (1) (b), which requires a registrable person to report actual (as opposed to intended) changes in the place where the person generally resides.
(2)  At least 14 days before changing the place, the registrable person must report the intended change to the Commissioner of Police and must provide details of—
(a)  the address where the person proposes to generally reside, or
(b)  if the person does not intend to reside at particular premises—the name of the locality of the place where the person intends to generally reside.
(3)  If a change in the place at which a person generally resides occurs because of an emergency or other exceptional circumstances arise making it impracticable for the registrable person to report the intended change, it is sufficient compliance with subsection (2) if the registrable person—
(a)  reports the required information to the Commissioner of Police as soon as practicable (but not more than 3 days) after the change occurs, and
(b)  provides satisfactory evidence of the circumstances which made it impracticable to report the required information sooner to the Commissioner of Police.
(4)  A registrable person who reports an intended change of place under this section and who subsequently changes the place where he or she generally resides to the place detailed in the report is not required to comply with the reporting obligations imposed by section 11 with respect to that change of place.
(5)  A registrable person who reports an intended change and does not make the change within 14 days after it is reported must report this fact to the Commissioner of Police within 3 days after the end of that 14-day period.