Pesticides Act 1999 No 80
Current version for 1 August 2018 to date (accessed 6 August 2020 at 05:59)
Part 3 Division 2 Section 21
21   Clean-up directions may be given orally
(1)  The Environment Protection Authority may, instead of giving a direction under this Division by notice in writing, give the direction orally, but only in such circumstances as the Authority considers to be exceptional.
(2)  A direction that can be given orally under this Division by the Environment Protection Authority can be given orally by a person who is acting under delegated or other authority from the Authority.
(3)  A direction given orally to a person ceases to have effect on the expiration of 72 hours from the time it was given unless confirmed by a written clean-up notice given to the person.
(4)  A direction given orally has the same effect as a direction given by notice in writing, and is taken to be a clean-up notice.