Companion Animals Act 1998 No 87
Current version for 5 December 2019 to date (accessed 6 August 2020 at 06:04)
Part 9 Division 3 Section 83F
83F   Departmental Chief Executive may approve other persons to access the Register
(1)  The Departmental Chief Executive may approve a person to have access to information contained in the Register.
(2)  A person approved under this section is entitled to access information contained in the Register, but only for the following purposes—
(a)  identifying any companion animal that has been seized or surrendered under this Act,
(b)  locating the owner of a companion animal in the custody of the person.
(3)  The Departmental Chief Executive may withdraw an approval under this section at any time.
(4)  Before withdrawing a person’s approval, the Departmental Chief Executive must—
(a)  notify the person of the proposed withdrawal of the approval, and
(b)  give the person a reasonable opportunity to make submissions to the Departmental Chief Executive in respect of the proposed withdrawal, and
(c)  have due regard to any such submissions.
(5)  The Departmental Chief Executive must cause a person whose approval is withdrawn to be notified of the withdrawal in writing. Withdrawal of an approval takes effect on the day on which the notice is given, or from a later day specified in the notice.