Workplace Injury Management and Workers Compensation Act 1998 No 86
Current version for 22 November 2019 to date (accessed 8 July 2020 at 02:54)
Chapter 7 Part 9 Section 353
353   Appeal against decision of Commission constituted by Presidential member
(1)  If a party to any proceedings before the Commission constituted by a Presidential member is aggrieved by a decision of the Presidential member in point of law, the party may appeal to the Court of Appeal.
(2)  The Court of Appeal may, on the hearing of any appeal under this section, remit the matter to the Commission constituted by a Presidential member for determination by the Commission in accordance with any decision of the Court and may make such other order in relation to the appeal as the Court thinks fit.
(3)  A decision of the Court of Appeal on an appeal under this section is binding on the Commission and on all the parties to the proceedings in respect of which the appeal was made.
(4)  The following appeals under this section may be made only with leave of the Court of Appeal—
(a)  an appeal from an interlocutory decision,
(b)  an appeal from a decision as to costs only,
(c)  an appeal where the amount of compensation in dispute is less than $20,000 (or such other amount as may be prescribed by the regulations),
(d)  an appeal from a decision made with the consent of the parties.
(5)  In this section, decision includes an award, interim award, order, determination, ruling, opinion and direction.