Workplace Injury Management and Workers Compensation Act 1998 No 86
Current version for 22 November 2019 to date (accessed 13 July 2020 at 03:42)
110   Interest after order for payment
(cf former s 114)
(1)  Unless the Commission orders in any particular case that interest be not payable, interest is payable on so much of the amount of any sum ordered to be paid by the Commission as is from time to time unpaid.
(2)  Interest payable under subsection (1) in respect of any sum ordered to be paid—
(a)  is to be calculated as from the date when the order was made or from such later date as the Commission in any particular case fixes, and
(b)  is to be calculated at the rate prescribed for the purposes of section 101 of the Civil Procedure Act 2005 or, if the regulations under this Act prescribe some other rate, at that other prescribed rate, and
(c)  forms part of the sum ordered to be paid, but not so as to require the payment of interest on interest.
(3)  Despite subsections (1) and (2), where—
(a)  the amount of any sum ordered to be paid (excluding the amount of costs to be assessed) is paid in full within 21 days after the sum becomes payable, or
(b)  the amount of costs assessed is paid in full within 21 days after that amount is assessed, interest is not payable on the amount so paid, unless the Commission otherwise orders.