Criminal Procedure Act 1986 No 209
Current version for 1 July 2020 to date (accessed 15 August 2020 at 12:50)
294   Warning to be given by Judge in relation to lack of complaint in certain sexual offence proceedings
(1)  This section applies if, on the trial of a person for a prescribed sexual offence, evidence is given or a question is asked of a witness that tends to suggest—
(a)  an absence of complaint in respect of the commission of the alleged offence by the person on whom the offence is alleged to have been committed, or
(b)  delay by that person in making any such complaint.
(2)  In circumstances to which this section applies, the Judge—
(a)  must warn the jury that absence of complaint or delay in complaining does not necessarily indicate that the allegation that the offence was committed is false, and
(b)  must inform the jury that there may be good reasons why a victim of a sexual assault may hesitate in making, or may refrain from making, a complaint about the assault, and
(c)  must not warn the jury that delay in complaining is relevant to the victim’s credibility unless there is sufficient evidence to justify such a warning.
(3)–(5)    (Repealed)