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Contents (1979 - 203)
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Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979 No 203
Current version for 15 February 2019 to date (accessed 18 June 2019 at 08:50)
Part 6 Division 6.1 Section 6.1
6.1   Definitions: Part 6
In this Part:
accredited certifier means the holder of a certificate of accreditation as an accredited certifier under the Building Professionals Act 2005 acting in relation to matters to which the accreditation applies.
building work means any physical activity involved in the erection of a building.
certifier means a council or an accredited certifier.
change of building use means a change of the use of a building from a use as a class of building recognised by the Building Code of Australia to a use as a different class of building recognised by the Building Code of Australia.
Crown has the meaning given to that expression by the regulations.
Crown building work means development (other than exempt development), or an activity that is subject to environmental impact assessment under Division 5.1, by the Crown that comprises:
(a)  the erection of a building, or
(b)  the demolition of a building or work, or
(c)  the doing of anything that is incidental to the erection of a building or the demolition of a building or work.
new building includes an altered part of, or an extension to, an existing building.
principal certifier for building or subdivision work means the certifier appointed as the principal certifier for the building work under section 6.6 (1) or for the subdivision work under section 6.12 (1).
principal contractor for building work means the person responsible for the overall co-ordination and control of the carrying out of the building work.
residential building work, owner-builder, contractor licence—see Home Building Act 1989.
subdivision work means any physical activity authorised to be carried out in connection with a subdivision under the conditions of a development consent for the subdivision of land. For the purposes of this definition, a development consent includes an approval for State significant infrastructure if the regulations under Part 5 apply this Part to subdivision work under such an approval.
 Section 1.4 (Definitions) includes a complying development certificate in the definition of development consent for the purposes of this Act.