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Contents (1979 - 203)
Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979 No 203
Current version for 1 January 2018 to date (accessed 18 January 2018 at 14:45)
Part 3 Division 4 Section 57
57   Community consultation
(1)  Before consideration is given to the making of a local environmental plan, the relevant planning authority must consult the community in accordance with the community consultation requirements for the proposed instrument.
(2)  The planning proposal (as revised to comply with the determination under section 56 and in a form approved by the Secretary) is to be made publicly available during the period of community consultation. Detailed provisions may be summarised instead of being set out in full if the Secretary is satisfied that the summary provides sufficient details for community consultation.
(3)  During the period of community consultation, any person may make a written submission to the relevant planning authority concerning the matter (other than any matter that is mandatory under an applicable standard instrument under section 33A).
(4)  The relevant planning authority may (but need not) make publicly available, in accordance with the community consultation requirements, the submissions made concerning a matter (or a summary of or report on any such submissions).
(5)  If:
(a)  a person making a submission so requests, and
(b)  the relevant planning authority considers that the issues raised in a submission are of such significance that they should be the subject of a hearing,
the relevant planning authority is to arrange a public hearing on the issues raised in the submission.
(6)  The relevant planning authority may arrange a public hearing on any issue whether or not a person has made a submission concerning the matter.
(7)  A report of any public hearing is to be furnished to the relevant planning authority and may be made publicly available by that authority.
(8)  The consultation required by this section is completed when the relevant planning authority has considered any submissions made concerning the proposed instrument and the report of any public hearing.