Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979 No 203
Historical version for 26 October 2009 to 7 January 2010 (accessed 6 August 2020 at 06:14) Current version
Part 4 Note
 The environmental planning legislation comprises 3 elements, namely, this Act, the environmental planning instruments and the regulations made under this Act. The legislative scheme for environmental planning control is, broadly speaking, distributed between the 3 elements as follows:
(a)  This Part of the Act, Part 4, lays the foundation for the legislative scheme. It contains the major concepts and addresses the major matters of principle.
(b)  The environmental planning instruments identify particular forms of development according to the threefold classification that is established by Division 1 of this Part. They also determine whether development is exempt development as referred to in section 76 (2) or complying development as referred to in section 76A (5).
(c)  The regulations contain much of the detail of the various processes that, having regard to the nature of the proposed development, lead to the granting of development consent. They also largely determine whether development is designated development.