Strathfield Local Environmental Plan 2012
Historical version for 25 August 2017 to 31 August 2017 (accessed 4 June 2020 at 06:31) Current version
Land Use Table Zone IN2
Zone IN2   Light Industrial
1   Objectives of zone
  To provide a wide range of light industrial, warehouse and related land uses.
  To encourage employment opportunities and to support the viability of centres.
  To minimise any adverse effect of industry on other land uses.
  To enable other land uses that provide facilities or services to meet the day to day needs of workers in the area.
  To support and protect industrial land for industrial uses.
  To allow for a higher proportion of ancillary office floor space to support high technology, light industrial and small-scale warehouse-related land uses.
2   Permitted without consent
3   Permitted with consent
Car parks; Child care centres; Depots; Environmental protection works; Garden centres; General industries; Hardware and building supplies; Industrial retail outlets; Industrial training facilities; Light industries; Neighbourhood shops; Places of public worship; Recreation areas; Research stations; Respite day care centres; Roads; Signage; Take away food and drink premises; Veterinary hospitals; Warehouse or distribution centres; Water recycling facilities; Wholesale supplies
4   Prohibited
Any development not specified in item 2 or 3