Passenger Transport (General) Regulation 2017
Current version for 13 December 2019 to date (accessed 3 June 2020 at 14:38)
Part 14 Clause 232
232   Non-compliance labels and notices
(1)  An authorised officer carrying out an inspection under Division 2 of Part 4C of the Act of a vehicle used for the purposes of a public passenger service may affix a label (a non-compliance label) to the vehicle if it appears to the authorised officer that the vehicle does not meet the requirements set out in clause 17.
(2)  The authorised officer is to issue a notice (a non-compliance notice) to the operator of the vehicle concerned.
(3)  A non-compliance label and a non-compliance notice must specify—
(a)  the action necessary to be taken in order for the vehicle to meet the relevant requirements, and
(b)  an expiry date after which the vehicle must not be used to provide a public passenger service unless the label concerned has been removed by an authorised officer.
(4)  An authorised officer may remove a non-compliance label from a vehicle if satisfied on inspection of the vehicle that the necessary action specified in the label or non-compliance notice has been taken.
(5)  A person must not remove a non-compliance label from a vehicle unless the person is an authorised officer (or is authorised in writing to do so by an authorised officer).
Maximum penalty—10 penalty units.