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Road Rules 2014
Current version for 5 July 2019 to date (accessed 20 September 2019 at 05:28)
Part 7 Division 4 Rule 79
79   Giving way to police and emergency vehicles
(1)  A driver must give way to a police or emergency vehicle that is displaying a flashing blue or red light (whether or not it is also displaying other lights) or sounding an alarm.
Maximum penalty: 20 penalty units.
Note 1.
 Emergency vehicle and police vehicle are defined in the Dictionary.
Note 2.
 For this rule, give way means:
(a)  if the driver is stopped—remain stationary until it is safe to proceed, or
(b)  in any other case—slow down and, if necessary, stop to avoid a collision,
—see the definition in the Dictionary.
(2)  This rule applies to the driver despite any other rule of these Rules that would otherwise require the driver of a police or emergency vehicle to give way to the driver.