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Road Rules 2014
Current version for 1 February 2019 to date (accessed 19 April 2019 at 12:58)
Part 3 Rule 24–3
24–3   NSW rule: speed limit when bus displaying when lights flash speed limit sign
(1)  This rule applies to a driver if:
(a)  the vehicle being driven by the driver is approaching from the rear of a bus (whether stationary or in motion) that displays a when lights flash speed limit sign, and
(b)  the bus is fitted with a warning system, and
(c)  the warning system is activated.
 Bus is defined in the Dictionary.
(2)  The speed limit applying to a driver to whom this rule applies for any length of road while overtaking or passing the bus is 40 kilometres per hour, unless another lesser speed limit applies to the driver for the length of road under another rule of this Part.
 Length of road and overtake are defined in the Dictionary.
(3)  This rule does not apply to a driver in relation to a length of road to which a sign referred to in rule 21–1 applies.
(4)  This rule has effect despite any other rule in this Part that specifies a speed limit applying to a driver for a length of road that is greater than the speed limit applying to the driver under this rule.
(5)  In this rule:
warning system of a bus means the warning system referred to in clause 25 of the Road Transport (General) Regulation 2013.
 This rule is an additional NSW road rule. There is no corresponding rule in the Australian Road Rules.
When lights flash speed limit sign
Note for diagram.
 This sign is displayed on buses.