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Road Rules 2014
Current version for 29 November 2019 to date (accessed 10 December 2019 at 11:13)
Part 18 Division 1 Rule 300–1
300–1   NSW rule: use of mobile phones by drivers who are holders of learner and provisional P1 or P2 licences
(1)  The driver of a vehicle (except an emergency vehicle or police vehicle) who is the holder of a learner licence or a provisional P1 or P2 licence must not use a mobile phone, whether or not held by the driver, while the vehicle is moving or is stationary but not parked.
Maximum penalty—20 penalty units.
 Emergency vehicle, park, police vehicle, provisional P1 licence and provisional P2 licence are defined in the Dictionary, and learner licence is defined in the Act.
(2)  In this rule, mobile phone and use have the same meanings as in rule 300.
(3)  Subrule (1) does not apply if—
(a)  the vehicle is stationary in a road related area, and
(b)  the phone—
(i)  is functioning as a payment device to enable the driver to pay for goods or services that are required to be paid for in the road related area, or
(ii)  is being used to display an electronic coupon, voucher, card or similar article that requires the body of the phone to be held in close proximity to another device located in the road related area in order for the article to be used or redeemed, or
(iii)  is being used as an electronic device that enables the driver to enter another road related area or land adjacent to the road related area.
 This rule is an additional NSW road rule. There is no corresponding rule in the Australian Road Rules.