Road Rules 2014
Current version for 29 November 2019 to date (accessed 28 May 2020 at 03:06)
Part 16 Rule 268–3
268–3   NSW rule: how persons must travel in or on trailers
(1)  A person must not travel in or on any part of a trailer that is a part designed primarily for the carriage of goods if the part is not enclosed.
Maximum penalty—20 penalty units.
Note 1.
 Trailer is defined in the Dictionary.
Note 2.
 Rule 298 makes similar provision in relation to drivers of motor vehicles towing trailers with persons in or on trailers.
(2)  This rule does not apply to a person—
(a)  who is in or on a police or emergency vehicle, or
(b)  engaged in the door-to-door delivery or collection of goods, or in the collection of waste or garbage, in or on a trailer that is not travelling over 25 kilometres per hour, or
(c)  if in all the circumstances, there is no reasonable danger of the person falling or being thrown from the trailer, or being injured, because of the person travelling in a manner prohibited by this rule.
 Emergency vehicle and police vehicle are defined in the Dictionary.
(3)  In this rule—
enclosed, in relation to a part of a trailer, means enclosed by—
(a)  the structure of the trailer, or
(b)  a canopy, cage or other device fitted to the trailer that is of a kind approved for the purposes of this rule by the Authority.
Note 1.
 Authority is defined in the Act.
Note 2.
 This rule is an additional NSW road rule. There is no corresponding rule in the Australian Road Rules.