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Road Rules 2014
Current version for 28 October 2019 to date (accessed 20 November 2019 at 13:26)
Part 14 Division 1 Rule 231
231   Crossing a road at pedestrian lights
(1)  A pedestrian approaching or at an intersection, or another place on a road, with pedestrian lights and traffic lights must comply with this rule.
Maximum penalty—20 penalty units.
 Intersection, pedestrian lights and traffic lights are defined in the Dictionary.
(2)  If the pedestrian lights show a red pedestrian light and the pedestrian has not already started crossing the intersection or road, the pedestrian must not start to cross until the pedestrian lights change to green.
Note 1.
 Green pedestrian light and red pedestrian light are defined in the Dictionary.
Note 2.
 A traffic control device (including pedestrian lights) generally only applies to a person if the device faces the person—see Part 20, Division 3, especially rule 340.
(3)  If, while the pedestrian is crossing the road, the pedestrian lights change to flashing red or red, the pedestrian must not stay on the road for longer than necessary to cross safely to the nearer (in the direction of travel of the pedestrian) of the following—
(a)  a dividing strip, safety zone, or traffic island, forming part of the area set aside or used by pedestrians to cross the road at the intersection or place (the safety area),
(b)  the nearest side of the road.
 Dividing strip and traffic island are defined in the Dictionary, and safety zone is defined in rule 162.
(4)  If, under subrule (3), the pedestrian crosses to the safety area, the pedestrian must remain in the safety area until the pedestrian lights change to green.
(5)  However, if the pedestrian cannot operate the pedestrian lights from the safety area, the pedestrian may cross to the far side of the road when—
(a)  the traffic lights change to green or flashing yellow, or there is no red traffic light showing, and
(b)  it is safe to do so.
 Red traffic light is defined in the Dictionary.
(6)  In this rule—
road does not include a road related area, but includes any shoulder of the road.
 Road related area is defined in rule 13, and shoulder is defined in rule 12.
Red pedestrian light showing red pedestrian symbol
Green pedestrian light showing green pedestrian symbol