Road Rules 2014
Historical version for 30 June 2015 to 31 August 2015 (accessed 15 August 2020 at 12:01) Current version
Part 4 Division 2 Rule 32
32   Starting a right turn from a multi-lane road
(1)  A driver turning right at an intersection from a multi-lane road must approach and enter the intersection from within the right lane unless:
(a)  the driver is required or permitted to approach and enter the intersection from within another marked lane in accordance with rule 89 (1), 92 or 159, or
(b)  the driver is turning, at B lights or traffic arrows, in accordance with Division 2 of Part 17, or
(c)  subrule (2) applies to the driver.
Maximum penalty: 20 penalty units.
Note 1.
 B lights, intersection, marked lane, multi-lane road, public bus and traffic arrows are defined in the Dictionary, and right lane is defined in subrule (3).
Note 2.
 Rule 89 (1) deals with right turn only signs, rule 92 deals with traffic lane arrows, and rule 159 deals with traffic signs requiring particular kinds of vehicles to drive in an indicated marked lane.
Note 3.
 Division 2 of Part 17 provides for priority to be given to public buses at intersections with B lights or a white traffic arrow.
Example for subrule (1) (a).
Starting a right turn on a multi-lane road with traffic lane arrows as required or permitted under rule 92
(2)  A driver may approach and enter the intersection from the marked lane next to the right lane as well as, or instead of, the right lane if:
(a)  the driver’s vehicle, together with any load or projection, is 7.5 metres long, or longer, and
(b)  the vehicle displays a do not overtake turning vehicle sign, and
(c)  any part of the vehicle is within 50 metres of the nearest point of the intersection, and
(d)  it is not practicable for the driver to turn right from within the right lane, and
(e)  the driver can safely occupy the next marked lane and can safely turn right at the intersection by occupying the next marked lane, or both lanes.
Note 1.
 Driver’s vehicle is defined in the Dictionary.
Note 2.
 Vehicle includes a combination—see rule 15 (d).
Note 3.
 Rule 316–2 makes it an offence for a do not overtake turning vehicle sign to be displayed on the rear of a motor vehicle or a trailer attached to a motor vehicle unless the vehicle is, or the vehicle and trailer together are, 7.5 metres or more in length.
(2A)  If there is a bicycle storage area before an intersection that extends across one or more marked lanes of a multi-lane road, a rider of a bicycle turning right (but not making a hook turn) must approach and enter the intersection from within the part of the bicycle storage area that is directly in front of the right marked lane or of a bicycle lane that is on the right side of the road.
Maximum penalty: 20 penalty units.
 Bicycle storage area is defined in the Dictionary.
(3)  In this rule:
marked lane, for a driver, does not include a special purpose lane in which the driver is not permitted to drive.
right lane means:
(a)  the marked lane nearest to the dividing line or median strip on the road, or
(b)  if there is an obstruction (for example, a parked car or roadworks) in that marked lane—the marked lane nearest to that marked lane that is not obstructed.
Note 1.
 Dividing line, median strip, obstruction and special purpose lane are defined in the Dictionary.
Note 2.
 Rule 95 deals with driving in an emergency stopping lane and Part 11, Division 6 deals with driving in other special purpose lanes.
Do not overtake turning vehicle signs
Note 1 for diagrams.
 These signs are displayed on certain long vehicles.
Note 2 for diagrams.
 These signs must comply with the size requirements set out in rule 316–1.