Government Sector Employment (General) Rules 2014
Current version for 30 March 2020 to date (accessed 28 May 2020 at 03:09)
Part 6 Rule 29
29   Transfer of employees between government sector agencies
(1)  A government sector employee may be transferred to the service of another government sector agency by agreement between the agency heads.
(2)  Except where the employee initiates the transfer or consents to a transfer at a lower level, a government sector employee may only be transferred to another agency at the same or equivalent grade or level.
(2A)  Before a government sector employee is transferred under this rule, the head of the government sector agency to which the employee is transferred is to ensure that the employee is suitable for the role, position or work to be assigned to the employee in that agency.
(3)  A government sector employee who requests a transfer must do so in writing to the head of the agency in which the person is employed.
(4)  Unless it is initiated by the employee, the person who initiates a transfer must—
(a)  provide reasonable notice to the employee of the transfer, and
(b)  advise the employee that the employee may request a review of the transfer within 10 business days after the employee is notified of the transfer.
 Section 64 (2) of the Act also requires the employee to be consulted.
(5)  The transfer of a government sector employee to another agency has effect only if it is confirmed in writing by the agency heads concerned. A copy of the confirmation is to be provided to the employee.
(6)    (Repealed)