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Contents (2011 - 674)
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Work Health and Safety Regulation 2011
Repealed version for 1 July 2017 to 31 August 2017 (accessed 20 September 2019 at 05:42)
118   Decision on application
(1)  Subject to subclause (3), the regulator must grant an accreditation if satisfied about the matters referred to in subclause (2).
(2)  The regulator must be satisfied that:
(a)  the applicant:
(i)  is qualified to conduct the competency assessment to which the application relates, and
(ii)  is able to conduct the competency assessment to which the application relates competently, and
(iii)  is able to ensure compliance with any conditions that will apply to the accreditation, or
(b)  the applicant holds a current equivalent accreditation under a corresponding WHS law.
(3)  The regulator must refuse to grant an accreditation if satisfied that:
(a)  the applicant is disqualified under a corresponding WHS law from holding an equivalent accreditation, or
(b)  the applicant, in making the application, has:
(i)  given information that is false or misleading in a material particular, or
(ii)  failed to give any material information that should have been given.
(4)  If the regulator decides to grant the accreditation, it must notify the applicant within 14 days after making the decision.
(5)  If the regulator does not make a decision within 120 days after receiving the application or the additional information requested under clause 117, the regulator is taken to have refused to grant the accreditation applied for.
(6)  For the purposes of subclause (2) (a) (i), an applicant is qualified to provide the competency assessment if:
(a)  the applicant’s competencies, skills and knowledge are in accordance with the Standards for NVR Registered Training Organisations 2011 published by the Commonwealth, and
(b)  the applicant holds a current high risk work licence for the class of high risk work to which the competency assessment relates.
 A refusal to grant accreditation (including a refusal under subclause (5)) is a reviewable decision (see clause 676).