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Contents (2011 - 465)
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Children (Criminal Proceedings) Regulation 2011
Repealed version for 23 February 2012 to 31 August 2016 (accessed 8 April 2020 at 19:41)
Part 2 Division 3 Clause 10
10   Suitability assessment of referred child
(1)  A Coordination Group must carry out a suitability assessment of a referred child within 21 days (or such further period as the Children’s Court may allow) after it is notified of the suitability assessment order.
(2)  The assessment must be carried out in accordance with the scheme directions, subject to subclause (3).
(3)  Without limiting the grounds on which a Coordination Group may find that a referred child is not suitable to participate in the scheme, a Coordination Group may determine that a referred child is not suitable to participate in the scheme because:
(a)  the child does not meet any of the prescribed eligibility criteria, or
(b)  the child is not eligible to participate in the scheme because of clause 5 (5).
(4)  If a Coordination Group makes such a determination, the Group may proceed immediately to report its determination as to the suitability of the child to the Children’s Court without having to carry out any further processes in relation to the assessment of the child.
(5)  A Coordination Group must report to the Children’s Court on the suitability of the referred child to participate in the scheme in the approved form (if any) at any time before the child’s next appearance before the Court in relation to the matter.
 A youth conduct order cannot be made with respect to a child who has been found unsuitable to participate in the scheme following a suitability assessment. See section 48L (3) (b) of the Act.