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Contents (2011 - 37)
Workers Compensation Regulation 2010
Repealed version for 30 June 2016 to 31 August 2016 (accessed 22 June 2018 at 23:08)
Part 17 Division 4 Subdivision 3
Subdivision 3 Assessment of party/party costs
126   Assessment of costs—costs ordered by court or Commission or subject of agreement
(1)  When dealing with an application relating to costs payable as a result of an order made by a court or the Commission or as a result of an agreement referred to in clause 114 (1) (b), the Registrar must consider:
(a)  whether or not it was reasonable to carry out the work to which the costs relate, and
(b)  what is a fair and reasonable amount of costs for the work concerned.
(2)  The Registrar is to determine the costs payable as a result of the order or agreement by assessing the amount of the costs that, in his or her opinion, is a fair and reasonable amount.
(3)  If a court or the Commission has ordered that costs are to be assessed on an indemnity basis, the Registrar must assess the costs on that basis, having regard to any relevant rules of the court or Commission.
(4)  The costs assessed are to include the costs of the assessment (including the costs of the parties to the assessment, and the Registrar). The Registrar may determine by whom and to what extent the costs of the assessment are to be paid.
(5)  The costs of the Registrar are to be paid to the Commission.
 Subdivision 2 of Division 3 of this Part limits the circumstances in which costs may be awarded on a party/party basis in relation to a claim for work injury damages.
Clause 120 requires an assessment of costs to give effect to the maximum costs set out in Schedules 6 and 7, as well as to other matters.
127   Additional matters to be considered by Registrar in assessing costs ordered by court or Commission
In assessing what is a fair and reasonable amount of costs, the Registrar may have regard to any or all of the following matters:
(a)  the skill, labour and responsibility displayed on the part of the legal practitioner or agent responsible for the matter,
(b)  the complexity, novelty or difficulty of the matter,
(c)  the quality of the work done and whether the level of expertise was appropriate to the nature of the work done,
(d)  the place where and circumstances in which the legal services were provided,
(e)  the time within which the work was required to be done,
(f)  the outcome of the matter.
128   Effect of costs agreements in assessments of party/party costs
(1)  The Registrar may obtain a copy of, and may have regard to, a costs agreement.
(2)  However, the Registrar must not apply the terms of a costs agreement for the purposes of determining appropriate fair and reasonable costs when assessing costs payable as a result of an order by a court or the Commission.
129   Court or Commission may specify amount etc
This Division does not limit any power of a court or the Commission to determine in any particular case the amount of costs payable or that the amount of the costs is to be determined on an indemnity basis.