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Contents (2011 - 37)
Workers Compensation Regulation 2010
Repealed version for 30 June 2016 to 31 August 2016 (accessed 25 June 2018 at 16:14)
Part 14
Part 14 Insurers’ Guarantee Fund
72   Definitions
Expressions used in this Part have the same meanings as in Division 7 of Part 7 of the 1987 Act.
73   Financial years for contributions to Insurers’ Guarantee Fund
For the purposes of section 228 (1) of the 1987 Act, the financial year commencing 1 July 1989 and any subsequent financial year are prescribed.
74   Time etc for payment of insurer’s contribution
The contribution payable by an insurer under section 228 of the 1987 Act in respect of any financial year is payable:
(a)  except as provided by paragraph (b), in quarterly instalments (each being equal to one-fourth of the contribution payable) due on the last day of each quarter of the financial year, or
(b)  in such other instalments and within such other time as may be determined by the Authority and specified in a notice to the insurer.
75   Further contributions payable by insurers
(1)  If the Authority has determined an amount under section 228 (1) of the 1987 Act in respect of a financial year, it may subsequently determine under that provision a further amount to be contributed to the Guarantee Fund in respect of that year, being an amount that it considers is necessary:
(a)  to satisfy, during that financial year, claims, judgments and awards arising from or relating to policies of insurance issued by insolvent insurers, and
(b)  to provide for the payment of any other amounts to be paid under Division 7 of Part 7 of the 1987 Act from the Guarantee Fund during that financial year.
(2)  Section 228 of the 1987 Act applies to and in respect of the payment of any such further contribution.
76   Determination of contributions and further contributions
(1)  For the purpose of determining the amount of any contribution (or further contribution) to the Guarantee Fund, the Authority is entitled to rely on an estimate determined by it of the amount required to be contributed by insurers to the Workers Compensation Operational Fund.
(2)  If the Authority determines that any change in that estimate is appropriate, it is to re-determine the contributions (or further contributions) of insurers to the Guarantee Fund, and the relevant amounts become payable by, or repayable to, insurers.