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Protection of the Environment Operations (General) Regulation 2009
Current version for 1 December 2019 to date (accessed 27 January 2020 at 12:00)
10   Calculating amount of administrative fee
(1)  The steps to determine the administrative fee comprised in an annual licence fee are as follows—
Step 1 (Calculation of administrative fee units)
Multiply the amount of one administrative fee unit for the relevant licence fee period by—
(a)  the number of administrative fee units specified in Schedule 1 for the activity authorised or controlled by the licence, or
(b)  if the licence authorises or controls more than one activity, the greatest number of administrative fee units specified in Schedule 1 for any one of those activities.
Step 2 (Determination of environmental management category)
Determine the environmental management category for the licence holder in accordance with the environmental management calculation protocol.
Step 3 (Calculation of administrative fee)
Multiply the amount calculated in accordance with step 1 by the environmental management factor specified in Column 2 of the Table to this clause for the applicable environmental management category specified in Column 1 of that Table.
(2)  Steps 2 and 3 do not apply for the purpose of—
(a)  calculating the administrative fee for a licence fee period that commences before 1 July 2016, or
(b)  calculating the administrative fee for a licence relating to an activity that is declared by clause 48 of Schedule 1 to the Act to be a scheduled activity, or
(c)  calculating the administrative fee that is to accompany an application for a licence relating to premises, if the applicant has not previously held a licence relating to those premises.
Column 1
Column 2
Environmental management category
Environmental management factor