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Contents (2008 - 610)
Rail Safety (General) Regulation 2008
Repealed version for 7 December 2012 to 19 January 2013 (accessed 19 July 2018 at 09:54)
Part 2 Division 7 Clause 16
16   Review of safety management system
(1)  A rail transport operator must comply with this clause in conducting a review of the operator’s safety management system.
(2)  In consulting on a review, a rail transport operator must ensure that the persons consulted are asked for their opinion on whether, and if so, how, the safety management system can be improved.
(3)  In conducting a review, a rail transport operator must ensure the following:
(a)  that the effectiveness of the safety management system is assessed (including an examination of the operator’s records in relation to notifiable occurrences and breaches of the system),
(b)  that the effectiveness of any revisions that were made as a result of the last review are assessed,
(c)  that any recommendations or issues arising out of any audits or safety investigations that have occurred since the last review are taken into account,
(d)  that any issues arising from any prohibition or improvement notices that have been issued in relation to the railway operations of the operator since the last review are taken into account,
(e)  that any deficiencies in the system are identified,
(f)  that methods of remedying any deficiencies are designed and assessed,
(g)  that opinions offered as a result of consultation on the review are assessed,
(h)  that any other suggestions for improving the system that arise during the course of the review are assessed,
(i)  if any deficiencies or practicable improvements are identified, that a plan is created to remedy those deficiencies, or to effect those improvements (as the case may be).
(4)  The outcomes of the review must be summarised and reported in the safety performance report required by section 15 of the Act.