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Contents (2008 - 376)
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Crimes (Administration of Sentences) Regulation 2008
Repealed version for 11 April 2014 to 31 August 2014 (accessed 10 April 2020 at 08:56)
Schedule 4
Schedule 4 Forms
(Clause 3)
Form 1   Withdrawal of consent to continued operation of home detention order
(Clause 243)
To the State Parole Authority
I, (name of co-resident), withdraw my consent as co-resident to the continued operation of the home detention order of (name of offender).
Signed: (co-resident)
Date: (dd/mm/yyyy)
Form 2   Notice of revocation of intensive correction order/home detention order/parole order
(Clause 244)
To: (name of offender)
TAKE NOTICE that the State Parole Authority, on (date on which order made), made an order for revocation of your *intensive correction order/*home detention order/*parole order to date from (date of revocation specified in order).
The State Parole Authority will reconvene on (date) at (address) in order to reconsider the revocation of the order concerned.
A copy of the revocation order is attached.
* Copies are attached of reports and other documents used by the State Parole Authority in reaching its decision to revoke the order concerned.
You may make submissions to the State Parole Authority with respect to *the revocation of the order concerned/*the date of revocation of the order concerned. If you wish to do so, you must notify the Secretary of the State Parole Authority not later than (date).
Signed: (Secretary of State Parole Authority)
Date: (dd/mm/yyyy)
*Delete if not applicable