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Contents (2008 - 376)
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Crimes (Administration of Sentences) Regulation 2008
Repealed version for 11 April 2014 to 31 August 2014 (accessed 10 April 2020 at 09:48)
Schedule 2
Schedule 2 Correctional centre offences
(Clause 117)
Clause 5
Supply false or misleading particulars
Clause 8
Fail to surrender property on reception
Clause 35
Fail to clean yards
Clause 36
Fail to comply with correctional centre routine
Clause 37
Enter other cells
Clause 38
Fail to attend musters
Clause 39
Misuse of bell, hooter, siren or whistle
Clause 40
Avoid correctional centre routine
Clause 41
Unlawfully deliver or receive article to or from inmate
Clause 42
Create or possess prohibited goods
Clause 43
Resist or impede search
Clause 44
Fail to keep property in a tidy and orderly manner
Clause 49
Unlawfully purchase food
Clause 49
Possess unauthorised food
Clause 49
Unlawfully trade in food
Clause 53
Fail to maintain personal cleanliness
Clause 54
Wear improper clothing
Clause 55
Fail to keep clean cells and issued articles
Clause 55
Damage, destroy or deface cell
Clause 55
Fail to look after clothing, bedding and other issued articles
Clause 56
Unlawfully possess condom or dental dam
Clause 56
Unlawfully use condom or dental dam
Clause 56
Unlawfully dispose of condom or dental dam
Clause 58
Misbehave while attending services and programs
Clause 65
Desecrate or abuse religious objects
Clause 94
Convey or deliver to, or receive from, visitors unauthorised articles
Clause 104
Send or receive unauthorised letters or parcels
Clause 105
Send prohibited letters or articles
Clause 110
Unlawfully use telephone or fax
Clause 112
Possess camera or video or audio recording equipment or charger
Clause 113
Use or possess mobile phone, mobile phone SIM card or mobile phone charger
Clause 120
Disobey direction
Clause 124
Contravene condition of local leave order or permit or interstate leave permit
Clause 125
Conceal for purpose of escape
Clause 126
Conceal item for use in escape or other offence
Clause 127
Possess offensive weapon or instrument
Clause 128
Clause 129
Clause 130
Participate, or incite other inmates to participate, in riot
Clause 131
Clause 131
Fight or engage in other physical combat
Clause 131
Throw article
Clause 132
Clause 132
Damage or destroy property
Clause 132
Tamper with food or drink
Clause 133
Hinder or obstruct dog
Clause 134
Cause harm to animal, bird or reptile
Clause 135
Interfere with correctional centre property
Clause 136
Clause 137
Clause 138
Possess or consume alcohol
Clause 138
Prepare or manufacture alcohol
Clause 139
Possess drug
Clause 140
Administer drug
Clause 141
Possess drug implement
Clause 142
Clause 143
Fail prescribed urine test
Clause 144
Smoke in non-smoking area
Clause 144
Alter, damage or remove non-smoking sign or smoking sign
Clause 145
Clause 146
Obstruct correctional officer
Clause 147
Refuse breath testing
Clause 149
Refuse or fail to supply urine sample
Clause 150
Refuse or fail to supply urine sample
Clause 161
Make mischievous complaint
Clause 173
Give false or misleading information