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Contents (2008 - 376)
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Crimes (Administration of Sentences) Regulation 2008
Repealed version for 11 April 2014 to 31 August 2014 (accessed 5 April 2020 at 08:07)
153   Definition of “withdrawable privilege”
The following privileges or amenities are declared to be withdrawable privileges for the purposes of Division 6 of Part 2 of the Act:
(a)  attendance at the showing of films or videos or at concerts or other performances,
(b)  participation in or attendance at any other organised leisure time activity,
(c)  use of, or access to, films, video tapes, records, cassettes, CDs or DVDs,
(d)  use of, or access to, television, radio or video, cassette, CD or DVD players, whether for personal use or for use as a member of a group,
(e)  use of, or access to, a musical instrument, whether for personal use or for use as a member of a group,
(f)  use of library facilities, except in so far as their use is necessary to enable study or research to be undertaken by an inmate in the inmate’s capacity as a student who is enrolled in a course of study or training,
(g)  ability to purchase goods,
(h)  keeping of approved personal property,
(i)  pursuit of a hobby,
(j)  use of telephone, except for calls to legal practitioners and exempt bodies,
(k)  participation in contact visits,
(l)  permission to be absent from a correctional centre under a local leave permit or interstate leave permit.