Uniform Civil Procedure Rules 2005
Current version for 9 April 2020 to date (accessed 15 August 2020 at 12:12)
51.31   Disputes as to contents of Appeal Book
(cf SCR Part 51, rule 36)
(1)  A party who—
(a)  objects to the inclusion of material in the Appeal Book on the ground that it is unnecessary or irrelevant, or
(b)  asserts that further material should be included,
must, within 7 days of service of the relevant part of the Appeal Book on the party, serve a written notice containing the party’s objection or assertion on any other interested party.
(2)  The party preparing the Appeal Books may, with the consent of all other parties (other than a submitting party) add pages to, or delete pages from, the Appeal Book—
(a)  at any time at least 14 days before the hearing of the appeal, or
(b)  after that time, with the leave of the Court.
(3)  If an Appeal Book is amended in accordance with subrule (2), the index to the relevant section and the consolidated index are to be amended accordingly.
(4)  A party who asserts that additional material should be included in the Appeal Book must, unless all other parties who have not submitted have agreed to the inclusion, lodge 4 copies of the additional material and serve 3 copies at least 7 days before the hearing on each other interested party.
(5)  The additional material referred to in subrule (4) must be indexed and, if it consists of more than 30 pages, bound as a supplementary Black Book or Blue Book (as the case requires).