Uniform Civil Procedure Rules 2005
Current version for 9 April 2020 to date (accessed 4 June 2020 at 05:52)
Part 39 Division 2 Rule 39.23
39.23   Sale to be publicly advertised
(cf DCR Part 36, rule 8; LCR Part 30A, rule 9)
(1)  The Sheriff, or the auctioneer appointed by the Sheriff, must cause an advertisement of any sale of land, including a full description of the land, to be published in the Gazette, and in a newspaper circulating in the district in which the land is situated, at least one week before the date fixed for the sale.
(2)  The sale of any land under a writ for the levy of property may, in addition to being advertised under subrule (1), be further advertised by the Sheriff, or the auctioneer appointed to sell the land, if the further advertisement is approved by the Sheriff.