Uniform Civil Procedure Rules 2005
Current version for 9 April 2020 to date (accessed 6 June 2020 at 12:24)
Part 20 Division 2 Rule 20.9
20.9   Reference to arbitration under Part 5 of the Civil Procedure Act 2005
(cf SCR Part 72B, rule 1; DCR Part 51A, rule 3; LCR Part 38, rule 3)
(1)  If an arbitrator is not prepared to hear or determine referred proceedings, whether before or after any hearing has commenced, the arbitrator must as soon as practicable inform the referring court of that fact, specifying his or her reasons.
(2)  If an arbitrator declines or fails to hear and determine referred proceedings, the referring court must revoke the order referring the proceedings to the arbitrator and may make another order referring the proceedings to another arbitrator.