Uniform Civil Procedure Rules 2005
Current version for 9 April 2020 to date (accessed 15 August 2020 at 12:27)
Part 14 Division 2 Rule 14.3
14.3   Defence
(cf SCR Part 15, rule 3; DCR Part 10, rule 1; LCR Part 9, rule 1)
(1)  Subject to these rules, the time limited for a defendant to file a defence is 28 days after service on the defendant of the statement of claim or such other time as the court directs for the filing of a defence.
(2)  If, before the defendant files a defence, a notice of motion for summary judgment under rule 13.1 is served on the defendant, but the court does not on that motion dispose of all of the claims for relief against the defendant, the court may fix a time within which the defendant must file a defence.
 See rule 9.11(2) under which a defence to a cross-claim for contribution under section 5 of the Law Reform (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1946 may not be filed unless the court so directs.