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Contents (2001 - 648)
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Occupational Health and Safety Regulation 2001
Repealed version for 7 June 2011 to 31 December 2011 (accessed 18 September 2019 at 23:31)
174G   Manufacturer to identify dangerous goods
(1)  A manufacturer of goods must, before the goods are handled or supplied to another person, determine in accordance with the ADG Code, or in the case of goods that are combustible liquids, in accordance with AS 1940, whether the goods are dangerous goods.
Maximum penalty: Level 4.
(2)  If a manufacturer determines that goods are dangerous goods, the manufacturer:
(a)  must determine in accordance with the ADG Code whether the goods are goods too dangerous to be transported, and
(b)  must:
(i)  in the case of combustible liquids—assign a classification under AS 1940 to the liquids, or
(ii)  in relation to all other dangerous goods—assign to the goods the appropriate UN Number, Class, Subsidiary Risk and Packing Group under the ADG Code.
Maximum penalty: Level 3.