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Contents (2001 - 648)
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Occupational Health and Safety Regulation 2001
Repealed version for 7 June 2011 to 31 December 2011 (accessed 18 November 2019 at 17:08)
Chapter 5 Part 5.4 Clause 135
135   Installation, erection and commissioning of plant—particular risk control measures
An employer must ensure, in complying with the requirements of clause 11 (Employer to eliminate or control risks) as to the control of risks arising from the installation, erection or commissioning of plant that:
(a)  the plant is erected, installed or commissioned having regard to the instructions of the designer and manufacturer, or to instructions developed by a competent person, in so far as they relate to health and safety, and
(b)  a competent person undertakes the installation, erection or commissioning and is provided with all information necessary to enable plant to be installed and commissioned so as to eliminate risks to health and safety or, if this is not practicable, to control them, and
(c)  the plant is installed, erected and commissioned in a location that is suitable for the operation being undertaken and the type of plant being used, and
(d)  plant that is designed to be operated in a fixed position is positioned on and, if necessary, fixed to, a secure base in order to prevent inadvertent movement when power is applied or while the plant is in operation, and
(e)  there is sufficient clear space around the plant to allow the plant to be used and repaired, and
(f)  there is sufficient space for access to and egress from parts of the plant that require cleaning and maintenance, and
(g)  emergency lighting, safety doors and alarm systems are provided if access to plant is required as part of normal operation and persons may be trapped and exposed to increased risk due to heat, cold or lack of oxygen, and
(h)  interim safeguards are used during testing, if the final means of safeguarding are not in place, and
(i)  as far as can be determined by commissioning, the plant is safe for transfer into active service, and
(j)  if the plant is an amusement device, details of the erection of the amusement device are recorded in the log book for the amusement device on each occasion on which it is erected.
Maximum penalty: Level 4.
 Division 1 of Part 5.2 relating to the design of plant also applies to alterations to plant designs. A supplier who alters a design to eliminate or control a risk must comply with the design requirements of that Division. (See clause 84 (2) (b) and see also the definition of alter in clause 82 (1).)