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Contents (2001 - 648)
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Occupational Health and Safety Regulation 2001
Repealed version for 7 June 2011 to 31 December 2011 (accessed 18 November 2019 at 17:57)
Chapter 2 Clause 13
13   Employer to provide instruction, training and information
(1)  An employer must ensure that each new employee receives induction training that covers the following:
(a)  arrangements at the place of work for the management of occupational health and safety, including arrangements for reporting hazards to management,
(b)  health and safety procedures at the place of work relevant to the employee, including the use and maintenance of risk control measures,
(c)  how employees can access any health and safety information that the employer is required by this Regulation to make available to employees,
(d)  any other matter that this Regulation specifies should be the subject of induction training and that is relevant to the place of work concerned having regard to the competence, experience and age of the new employee.
Maximum penalty: Level 3.
(2)  An employer must ensure that any person who may be exposed to a risk to health and safety at the employer’s place of work:
(a)  is informed of the risk, and
(b)  is provided with any information, instruction and training necessary to ensure the person’s health and safety.
The information, instruction and training (and the timing of its provision) must be commensurate with the risk to health and safety concerned.
Maximum penalty: Level 3.
(3)  An employer must provide persons who have responsibilities with respect to the following under this Regulation with all available information necessary to enable them to fulfil those responsibilities:
(a)  identifying hazards,
(b)  assessing risks arising from those hazards,
(c)  eliminating or controlling those risks,
(d)  monitoring or reviewing risk control measures,
(e)  providing information.
Maximum penalty: Level 4.
(4)  Nothing in this clause requires an employer to train or instruct members of the public in the use of lifts or amusement devices.
 Specific requirements as to the provision of information relating to plant and hazardous substances are set out in Chapters 5 and 6.
See Part 8.2 in relation to occupational health and safety induction training for construction work.
Clause 171 requires employers to retain records of induction or other training provided to employees who are likely to be exposed to hazardous substances.