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Environmental Planning and Assessment Regulation 2000
Current version for 1 December 2019 to date (accessed 26 February 2020 at 13:28)
Part 8 Division 3 Clause 154C
154C   BASIX completion receipt
(1A)  This clause applies to BASIX affected development in respect of which one or more relevant BASIX certificates require a certifier to monitor fulfilment of any of the commitments listed in the certificate.
(1AA)  This clause does not apply in relation to an application for an occupation certificate to commence occupation or use of part of a partially completed building.
(1)  Before issuing an occupation certificate for a building the subject of development to which this clause applies, or for part of such a building, the certifier must apply to the Planning Secretary for a BASIX completion receipt with respect to that building or part.
(2)  An application for a BASIX completion receipt must be made in the manner notified in writing to certifiers by the Planning Secretary and must contain the following information—
(a)  the number of each relevant BASIX certificate for the building or part of a building,
(b)  the postcode of the address of the building,
(c)  the date of the final inspection,
(d)  such other information (if any) as the Planning Secretary may determine and is notified in writing to certifiers.
(3)  The Planning Secretary may issue a BASIX completion receipt—
(a)  by means of a computerised system, as approved from time to time by the Planning Secretary, being a system to which certifiers are given on-line access, whether over the internet or otherwise, or
(b)  by such other means as the Planning Secretary may approve from time to time.
(4)  A BASIX completion receipt is to confirm that the information required to be provided by a certifier under this clause has been provided.
(5)  A BASIX completion receipt is to be in such form, and contain such other information, as the Planning Secretary may approve from time to time.