Environmental Planning and Assessment Regulation 2000
Current version for 15 May 2020 to date (accessed 26 May 2020 at 23:37)
Part 16C Division 2
Division 2 Preparation and notice of proposed development plans
268Z   Additional matters to be included in development plans
For the purposes of clause 6(2)(g) of Schedule 7 to the Act, a development plan is to include the following matters—
(a)  the land value of the land as determined by the Valuer-General under the Valuation of Land Act 1916,
(b)  if the development of the land is to be staged, a description of the proposed stages,
(c)  a proposed timetable for the subdivision of the land and the carrying out of the subdivision works.
268ZA   Preparation of development plans
(1)  An authority that proposes to prepare a development plan on its own initiative must notify the Minister in writing that it proposes to do so.
(2)  Any authority that prepares a development plan must consult with any public authorities likely to be affected by the proposed development plan and any council in whose area the land concerned is situated.
(3)  An authority must consider any submissions made by the public authorities or a council when preparing the proposed development plan.
268ZB   Notice of proposed development plans and consent ballots
(1)  An authority that proposes to adopt a development plan must, not less than 14 days before the ballot papers are issued for the consent ballot, publish on the NSW planning portal a notice containing the following information—
(a)  that the authority proposes to adopt a development plan,
(b)  the website on which the proposed development plan is published,
(c)  the date by which a vote in the ballot to approve the development plan must be received and the address to which it must be sent,
(d)  the name, contact phone number and email address of the authority.
(2)  The authority must also—
(a)  give a copy of the notice to each council in whose area the land is situated, and
(b)  display, on or in the vicinity of the land to which the development plan applies, a copy of the notice for not less than 28 days before the ballot closes, and
(c)  publish the proposed development plan on a public website.